The Drop That Contained the Sea - Christopher Tin

The Drop That Contained the Sea

Christopher Tin

  • Genre: World
  • Release Date: 2014-05-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2014 Tin Works


Play Title Time Download
Water Prelude (feat. Angel Cit 1:34  
Haktan Gelen Şerbeti - "The D 3:57  
Temen Oblak - "Dark Clouds" (f 7:10  
Iza Ngomso - "Come Tomorrow" ( 4:06  
Tsas Narand Uyarna - "The Hear 4:01  
Passou o Verão - "Summer Has 6:28  
Devipravaha - "Goddess River" 4:39  
Seirenes - "Sirens" (feat. Ano 8:47  
Haf Gengr Hriðum - "The Storm 4:26  
Waloyo Yamoni - "We Overcome t 12:13  


  • Powerful Stuff

    By kendavidjr
    I have listened to this album many times, and I've only grown to love it more and more. It's a wonderful story and leads to a beautiful climax. Waloyo Yamoni is amazing. If I don't have time to listen to the whole album, this song does the job. Just wonderful, all of it.
  • Breath-taking!

    By EButlerMusic
    This is one of my favorite releases of 2014. I've loved Christopher Tin's music for years, and I was so excited to hear this new album. Even so, I was completely blown away by the depth and intricacy of the arrangements and solos. He is a masterful and subtle composer and arranger, and this album is one of the best I've ever heard. Brilliant work!
  • Transcendent musical experience

    By Raoul189
    The Drop That Contained the Sea is richer and more complex than Calling All Dawns. It is not as readily approachable as Calling All Dawns but it carries a deeper intensity. “Seirenes” draws the listener in just as the Greek legend from antiquity. The proof of The Drop’s mastery of the cycle genre hits you as the very last notes come to a close: you feel compelled to start the cycle over again from the beginning. Bravo and thank you Mr. Tin!
  • Wish it had a booklet

    By Roofpig
    A worthy follow-up to Calling All Dawns, I’m really enjoying the music. But I am sure I would enjoy it more if I could read the lyrics and their translations, and see who was playing on what track.
  • Inspirational, emotional, powerful. Love it!

    By CEKinAZ
    I am so glad I learned about Christopher Tin from a recent interview on PRI. This album fills me with so many different emotions, it feels like a journey. Downloading "Calling All Dawns" now and can't wait to listen to that next! Please, keep it up, Mr. Tin!
  • A truly great piece of art.

    By Aaron OC
    I just purchased this album yesterday and have listened to it over 3 times already. Christopher Tin has made a truly imaginative, exquisite masterpiece which demonstrates he can write with the best of them. Aaron Copeland, John Williams, Danny Elfman... to name a few of my personal favorites. The album also gives a sense of an epic journey, not unlike the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You don’t need to be a classical music fan to appreciate this album. The album is bold, sweet, and in a word, beautiful. While the vocals are in other languages, it only adds to the music and gives it a more rich depth to the experience. I’m so glad that music like this exists, and I look forward to whatever Christopher Tin sets his mind and music to next.
  • A Beautiful Set of Songs

    By Meganlynae
    I received Calling All Dawns as part of a HumbleBundle and fell in love. When I saw that Christopher Tin had a new album out, I knew I had to listen to it. The short excerpts on iTunes did not disappoint and I immediately bought it. Temen Oblak is probably the strongest piece on here, but there's nothing to dislike. Fabulous work.
  • Amazing Album

    By Harvard Bob
    Like Calling All Dawns, this album is a wonderful fusion of languages and music styles from around the globe. All the songs flow nicely into each other, yet each has its own distinct flavor. My favorite song on the album is the last, "Waloyo Yamoni." It's almost a whole work in itself, with different moods and different themes all combining together. All in all, a breathtaking song and album.
  • Exciting new album

    By jkll90291
    I love this album even more than "Calling All Dawns." The choral work is excellent. The diversity of styles is more exciting than the beautiful earlier album. Christopher Tin has outdone himself.
  • An amazing experience

    By Bekah's Mom
    I can tell already after just one listen that I'm going to love this as much as I love Calling All Dawns. This music touches my soul.

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